Die Fledermaus

  • Completed

  • Direction

    Jean-Pierre Loisil
  • Production

  • Broadcaster

    France Télévisions
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The action is set in late-19th-century Vienna.

At a masked costume ball held at the country residence of Prince Orlofsky, Doctor Falke sets into motion a meticulously prepared plot to get light-hearted revenge on his friend Eisenstein. This intoxicating and fascinating operetta is filled with musical treasures, including its beloved overture of course. But the happy-go-lucky spirit doesn’t exclude a dash of cynicism. Can champagne and sequins conceal discord and ambiguity indefinitely? Die Fledermaus paints the portrait of an era, including its flaws… During the ball, mean-spiritedness and lies suck everyone in this unhealthy society into a maelstrom.