Wildlive Expeditions

  • Completed

  • Direction

    Jérémy Frey
  • Production

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At the heart of some of the most threatened environments on the globe, the documentary highlights biodiversity and the commitment of those who are working every day to preserve species and natural habitats. Rémi Dupouy, nature reporter, and his crew have a mission: going to the most remarkable or threatened ecozones in the world to film wild species in situ and decipher the human-animal bond.

Wildlive Expeditions also provides an opportunity to go behind the scenes alongside members of the crew. Viewers will learn some of the tricks of making animal documentaries and get to share the most heart- warming moments and even a few unexpected technical aspects. A real “making of” that’s part and parcel of the films!


Episode 1 : France
Episode 2 : French Guiana
Episode 3 : Ivory Coast