• Completed

  • Direction

    Pierre-Henri Gibert
  • Production

  • Coproduction

    Ciné Tamaris - Arte France
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A pioneering post-war female film director, an instigator of the New Wave who was honored by Hollywood in her own lifetime, AgneÌs Varda has become a source of inspiration for a whole new generation of young filmmakers. She imposed herself as a free, iconoclastic woman with her finger on the pulse of her times.  A life that one can’t help admiring.  While she often portrayed and featured herself in her own films, for the first time ever, this documentary provides a counter-shot through interviews and previously unseen archives materials.

Agnès Varda, renowned pioneering female filmmaker, made her mark on the history of film by reinventing both what feature films and documentaries could look like and what stories they could tell. 



  • Distributor

    Cinétévé Sales et mk2
  • Festival

    Cannes Classics 2023, Doc Lisboa 2023, Hong Kong IFF 2023, TIFF 2023