History Uncovered – Collection

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    Cécile Coolen, Mickaël Gamrasni, Philippe Saada, Bernard George, Paul Le Grouyer, Barbara Necek, Cédric Condon, Deborah Ford, Christiane Ratiney
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Myths die hard, and the history of the 20th century is no exception to the rule. Even now, there are dubious notions that we still take for Gospel truth. Almost all of us believe, for example, that the Normandy landings were a tremendous victory for the Allies, Switzerland never took sides during WWII, Pope John Paul II would brought the Vatican into the modern era, the British Empire’s decolonization process was a peaceful one, Reagan was an unqualified president with limited intellectual abilities, the post-World War II denazification process in Germany was successful.

Of course these notions contain some truth, but they deny the complexity of historical reality. What if the truth were slightly different? This archive-based documentary collection revisits key moments in the 20th century from a new perspective in order to provide a subtler and more thoughtful interpretation, shedding light on elements that have been forgotten or sometimes overshadowed.

Episode 1 :  Switzerland and WWII, an exemplary neutrality ? (Philippe Saada),
Episode 2 : John-Paul II, a modern Pope ?  (Christiane Ratiney)
Episode 3 : Operation overlord, a massive victory ? (Bernard George)
Episode 4 : Denazification of Germany, a successful process ? (Mickaël Gamrasni)
Episode 5 : The British Empire, a model of decolonization ?  (Déborah Ford)
Episode 6 : Ronald Reagan, an unqualified president ?  (Cédric Condon)
Episode 7 :  The Cold War, a Kremlin instigation ? (Mickaël Gamrasni)
Episode 8 : Israel, a product of the Holocaust ? (Philippe Saada et Paul Le Grouyer)
Episode 9 : Nazism, made in Germany ?  (Barbara Necek)
Episode 10 : Occupied Europe, a fragmented resistance ? (Cécile Coolen)
Episode 11 : Sub-Primes, blame it on the USA ? (Paul Le Grouyer)
Episode 12 : Vietnam, an American war ? (Bernard George)

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