Iraq’s Lost Generation

  • Completed

  • Direction

    Anne Poiret
  • Production

  • Broadcaster

    France Télévisions
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There are about several tens of thousands of “children of ISIS”, whose families had pledged allegiance to the caliphate. They’re stigmatized, and their existence is not legally recognized in “Post-ISIS” Iraq. Without I.Ds, they have no access to medical care, food assistance, nor, above all, to education. This unprecedented investigation offers a voice to those minors, the social outcasts of a new Iraq that only a handful of NGOs are trying to help. Around the Mosul area, in Iraqi Kurdistan and Northeastern Syria, this documentary takes the form of a journey on war-torn lands, to meet this generation who endured the reign of the Islamic State, a war for liberation and its resulting violence, and now tries to find a future, between resilience and revenge. 

    • Available versions

      French, English
    • Festival

      International Emmy Award for Best Documentary - 2022