• Completed

  • Direction

    Matthieu Maillet
  • Production

  • Coproduction

    Arte France
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National Route 40 is the legendary highway that crosses Argentina from north to south, running early 5,000 kilometers (over 3,000 miles), from the Bolivian border to Tierra del Fuego, a veritable “end of the world.” The road offers a never-ending succession of magnificent landscapes, and a constant impression of immensity that has fashioned those who live there. Who travels it in this day and age? Who are the inhabitants that connect the dots alongside this path that is still only half paved? By going to meet them, Philippe Simay explores every aspect of the route: both the physical road and the personal path it invites us to take. In so doing, he reconnects with the true adventure of travel, when the journey counts as much as the destination.

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